Ginny Buccelli, MFA
Ginny Buccelli, MFA

Samples of My Published Work


"My Little Man's Heart" (2016)

Despite my many worries about my grandson, who was

born with a heart defect and Down Syndrome, my love for his heart brings with it joy and a surprising amount of trust.
Published by: Sweatpants and Coffee  

“Sweatpants & Coffee is a place where you can kick back, enjoy yourself, and be comfortable. Because when you are your most comfortable self, you can do anything.”



"One Simple List" (2010)

My son says my family tree is a mad-libs gone horribly wrong. This essay examines the often absurd family configuration that is my life. Am I an only childe, or one of several? Read and find out. Published by: Storyscape Journal

Storyscape was a wonderful online journal that published stories that were truth, untruth and those that defied a label. 



"One Last Gift" (2007)

Before my grandfather died of congestive heart failure, he ventured out of his comfort zone and smoked a little pot to increase his waning appetite. This was momentous in that he was against using “dope.” Even as he was dying, he wanted to keep me safe from some of his choices, so one of his last gifts to me was to hid this.

Published in: Vintage Voices: A Toast to Life 

Sample a heady bouquet of essays, short stories, poetry and memoir written by members of Redwood Writers-the Sonoma County branch of the California Writers Club. The anthology offers a variety of pleasing talents from writers who live in the fabled wine country of Northern California. Like a fine tasting room, there is something here for everyone to savor. So sit back and raise your glass as you
peruse the pages of Vintage Voices and join in our toast to life. The book can be purchased on Amazon.



"Failure" (2004)

One of the few fiction pieces I have published. The story centers on the narrator’s visit to her childhood home where she faces the memories of childhood abuse. Published inzaum 8.

Zaum is a journal published annually by Sonoma State University and highlights the  artwork, poetry and prose of undergraduate students all over the country. My story appears in zaum 8 and is available for free download.



"Believe" (2013)

Believe is a short essay about, and possibly an ode to, a former student who inspired me, and still inspires me, to believe in myself, my craft, and my strength.

Publushed in: The "I" Word 

The “I” Word: Writers on their Inspiration is published by The Fine Line and includes short stories (100 words or less) about what inspires writers. It can be purchased to read online at Amazon.





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