Ginny Buccelli, MFA                                                                                         

I am an editor, creative writer, reluctant journalist, delighted teacher, blessed mother &  wife, occasional community volunteer and devoted pet owner.

My Creative Side

I am building my writing portfolio with published pieces (the copious files on my computer need to spread out).  My work can be found in: Vintage Voices: A Toast to Life published by the Redwood Writers Club;  Family-Life magazine; zaum 8, the literary journal from Sonoma State University and Storyscape Journal ( Please check out my blogs for a more intimate view of me and my creative writing.

My Professional Side

My skills range from the ability to format your academic papers (complete with specifically placed page numbers for MLA or APA standards) to copyediting academic, business and creative writing. I can design and layout your business cards, brochures and posters; I offer project management and grass roots marketing program design and implementation.

Last update 8/4/13